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Serapeum temple
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The legendary temple that challenged reason, logic, the laws of physics and imagination.

 Serapeum temple

It is the Temple of the Serapeum in the Saqqara area in Giza.

Underground temple at the bottom of the mountain carved into the rocks.

It is long tunnels and corridors with a length of about 300 meters, very strange, beauty and splendor.

This temple consists of a large hall and a small hall.

 Serapeum temple
Serapeum temple

This temple was discovered by the French scientist Mariette.

This temple contains 24 sarcophagi of very strong stones and rocks such as granite, basalt and quartz that come from Aswan quarries from hundreds of kilometers away.

 Serapeum temple
Serapeum temple

The first question :

How did they transport these rocks from such long distances?

second question:

How was each coffin made of only one piece, weighing 70 tons, and the lid of the coffin weighing 30 tons, with a total weight of 100 tons?

How did they make it out of just one piece?

 Serapeum temple
Serapeum temple

The third question:

How did they move those coffins into the temple through a door that is 3.2 meters wide?

 Serapeum temple

the fourth question:

How did they get these coffins into these corridors?

Note that one coffin in order to move only needs at least 500 strong men.

 Serapeum temple

The fifth question:

How were they able with primitive machines to sculpt the coffin from the inside so smooth that the scientist Christopher Dunn measures the coffins and finds them from the inside at an angle of 90 degrees with very high accuracy.

 Serapeum temple
Serapeum temple

Sixth question:

How did they dig these passages in this way with a technique that resembles the giant machines of today, such as tunnel boring machines.

 Serapeum temple
Serapeum temple

Seventh question:

Why was there not a single calf inside the coffins?

Or is this toilet made for something else that we don’t know about yet?

Eighth question:

How was this dug in the bottom of the mountain and rocks without lighting or electricity.

Was I the lights of the flames. Although the flames of fire. Wasn’t it burning the oxygen underground and everyone died? How did that happen?

 Serapeum temple
Serapeum temple

I can only say that the ancient Egyptians had techniques and sciences that we have not reached until today.

The ancient Egyptian civilization has many mysteries, mysteries and secrets.

The temple of the Serapeum is a miracle underground, in the foot of the mountain.


– Auguste Mariette, Le Sérapéum de Memphis, Paris

– Lost Technology in Ancient Egypt, Christopher Dunn

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The legendary Serapeum temple that challenged reason, general physics and imagination