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It is the temple that does not enter the sun’s rays only twice a year.

It is the temple of Abu Simbel.

The sun’s rays infiltrate them for a distance of 200 meters to land over the face of King Ramses II.

It is strange that the two days of “perpendicularity of the sun” on the face of King Ramses II are the day of his birth October 22and the day of his coronation as king on February 22.

That’s at six in the morning For twenty minutes.

It is legendary days every year when thousands of tourists gather to witness this wonderful scene.

As soon as the sun’s rays penetrate this place, the depth inside the temple, which is about sixty meters away from the entrance. The sun enters four statues representing King Ramses II, Amun, Ra, and Ptah. The strangest and surprising thing is that the sun’s rays illuminate all the statues except for the fourth statue, Ptah.

This is because Ptah was representing the god of darkness at that time. The question here is how astronomers and mathematicians, more than 3300 years ago, were able to access these equations with such ingenuity.

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Unbelievable wonders that you see with your own eyes